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Monday, April 25, 2016

Russian programmers have created a new gadget - SmartFlash: the super-secure is called "Flashsafe". This device looks like an ordinary USB-stick, but the information is located in a secure cloud storage, that has no limit for the volume of data and can never be hacked. As distinguished from any other cloud service, "Flashsafe" has no login or password, needs no registration or customer programme on the PC. The memory card has a software authorization chip that generates a new crack-proof password everytime and thus provides a total confidentiality and anonymity, as the owner's information is not connected with his personal data on the servers. "Now your have SmartFlash cloud-besd gadget right in your pocket" - says Flashsafe's creator Alexsey Churkin - "the technology is easy for the user, but really complicated for a thief. If you lose your Flashsafe, the old device is to be blocked like a lost credit card. Access can be restored using a pin-code that only you know". You can use Flashsafe in real-time mode, for example, exchange files with trusted persons and watch videos. One more Flashsafe's benefit is a possibility to see the content of any site in the form of files. "All the Internet's legal content is presented in the form of files, distributed to folders. You can copy them for yourself or share with friends with secured connection. Now you don't have to use special web sites or services to download e.g. a video from YouTube, because everything is already located in folders" - says Alexsey. To learn more about the operating principle, you can read the page SmartFlash on Indiegogo The price starts from $49.99, you can find other options in the section "perks" on IndieGoGo.


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