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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Elochi - Leather Jackets online shop The late 90’s saw remarkable diversity in fashion trends across the globe. It was an era marked with hoodies, overalls, baseball jackets and velvet blazers. In light of all this hysteria, two friends decided to bring the classy look back. They decided to revolutionize the apparel market by bringing elegance and machismo back to men’s fashion. Thus began, Elochi, the brand that provides premium quality leather jackets, hand stitched with a fine detail. With no compromise on quality, the top-grain leather jackets are durable and easy to clean. The finishing is exquisite with every stitch strategically placed to enhance the appearance. With impeccable modernistic designs, coupled with the highest of product standards, the brand took the Asian market by storm and moved into the Middle East industry, seemingly overnight. Now, after having secured strong footholds in two markets, the two visionaries are taking their brand worldwide. Elochi is a brand that embodies class, quality and style. Elochi products are made of premium, high quality and hand-picked raw material. Our experts with extensive knowledge exercise their expertise in providing highest durability and comfort in all our fashion and accessories range. Elochi strongly adheres to our Corporate Social responsibility and takes pride in being the front-runner by serving the needs of our customers with utmost dedication and a smile.

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