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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We're super excited to share elistik with you! With elistik you can send and receive nearby broadcasts from your iPhone. Register for events, check conference agendas, do a quick survey, send out a promotion, network, event post your status – only those who are nearby will see it. We made elistik for conference planners and small business owners to engage with their customers, as well as for individuals to connect with anyone who’s nearby. You can use elistik to: • post your status and thoughts, to be seen only by those around you. • connect with anyone nearby & know what to say when you meet them. • seamlessly register for conferences & events – no more waiting in line. • share conference agendas so everyone is on the same page. • distribute promotional codes to your current & potential customers. • easily provide your valuable feedback via survey on your iPhone. • send & receive broadcasts from your iPhone or external hardware beacon. • and more! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elistik/id1105954316?mt=8 I'd love to answer any questions you have. Thank you for your work! Jeffrey Jackson Co-Founder, CTO [email protected] www.elistik.com

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