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Friday, August 19, 2016

Now content curation is done only on desktops and laptops and there is no application that can help users do content curation on mobile devices(smartphone or tablets). I felt this void when I was on the subway in may way to work and wanted to do some content curation on a cool article that i found online. This is way I started Curation Genesys: to make content curation easy and usable on mobile. The way the application is working is very simple and intuitive. if the user find a nice article online on ant app (Browser, RSS reader or anything) he will share the link with Curation Genesys app. Curation Genesys will then break the article in to paragraphs and trying to eliminate the junk from the link. And so the user will be presented with a list of paragraphs. Then he can tap on paragraphs to selected them for curation. When is ready he will go to the editor screen, where he can give a title to the post, and he will get an wysiwyg html editor. In the editor the selected paragraphs will be on block quotes and the the end the source will be cited. Here he can make changes to the post. When is happy he can send the post as draft to his wordpress site. Limitation for now: Only on Android, Only Wordpress supported as a publishing platform and the post is sent only as draft


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