Introducing Crystal Code-As-A-Service


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello from Austin! Crystal is now launched :) and Code-As-A-Service is finally here: Infrastructure and Deployment have already been automated but have less impact than automated code. Development is where the time and money are spent for any tech company - especially startups - so now that we've automated this process, developers can quickly build REST APIs, Models, Databases & more. Backend-As-A-Service attempted this but it has major disadvantages: 1) data privacy concerns, 2) closed development and 3) the code is not made available to the developer. We've addressed these issues by making code visible and social. Developers can create code in any language quickly by using code generators that other developers build and share. The code is pushed to their own hosted repository so they have direct access to it. The code can then be deployed to a private cloud so their data is safe. This project has been several years in the making. I’ve been developing code since I was 11 (over 17 years now) and have put everything I’ve learned into consideration of this platform for now and the future. What used to take years, then months, then days - now takes seconds. Help us promote this revolutionary way of developing code and make development more social, approachable and secure than ever before. Best, Chris Tate (512) 909-6157 [email protected]


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