If Pinterest and Google Drive Had a Baby

Monday, March 1, 2021

Bublup is the new way to visually organize any kind of content -- all in one place. Bublup, a FREE cloud storage system allows you to save not just files, but also links, photos, videos, and notes, all together in customizable folders. You can organize just about anything into unlimited folders and subfolders, and invite anyone to create collaborative group folders. For people who strive to be hyper-organized and super productive, we’ve found that Bublup is a useful app. The ability to decorate your folders with images or GIFs helps our users visually identify where everything is saved. Not to mention the ability to roll up your folders into instantly shareable websites called “Rolls.” Rolls are particularly helpful for our creative power users who need to send a quick portfolio or pitch deck to a prospective client. KEY FEATURES: VISUALLY ORGANIZE EVERYTHING (WE MEAN EVERYTHING!): • Save any content and resource type side-by-side: links, notes, documents (PDFs, Word, Excel, etc.), photos, videos (.mp4, Quicktime, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), emails, and more. • Navigate your content at a glance with images, titles, & descriptions. GO BEYOND BASIC CLOUD STORAGE: • Share your folders with others and start a conversation with comments and reactions. • Discover fascinating new content related to what you save with “bubbled up” suggestions. ROLL UP YOUR CONTENT: • In just a few seconds, create beautiful web pages (“rolls”) from your saved content. • Customize rolls easily by choosing themes and layouts. • Brand your roll for professional use by customizing the URL and logo. PLENTY OF STORAGE, TOTAL PRIVACY: • Bookmark an unlimited number of links & get 3 GB of private storage, with the ability to earn up to 12 GB of extra storage -- 1 GB for each person who joins Bublup via your group folder invitation or personal referral link. • Upload files as large as 3 GB for free, 50GB for premium. • Everything you save is kept private and secure. You decide what to share and with whom. BUBLUP WORKS FOR YOU: Use it for work to: • Create a portfolio of your creative work • Share educational resources in an organized space • Save & share large files with clients or colleagues • Collaborate with your team in a private & organized digital workspace Use it in your personal life to: • Plan a trip • Organize favorite recipes • Look for a new apartment • Save family photos No matter what you’re interested in, you can save everything visually in Bublup & share it like a pro.

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