Automatic appointment scheduling (like a human)

Monday, July 6, 2020

After 5 years of manually booking thousands of appointments to clients of dozens of medical offices at, we automated it 100%. An AI chatbot that thinks like our secretaries, has a faster glance than us, senses a full day when we thought there was still an opening, knows instantly that there is one slot left when we were sure it was full and we also wrote it on gCal, etc. A human secretary makes so many mistakes... VIDEO: Our chatbot works the way a human secretary works: - it suggests the days of this week or the appointments of those next or let you go back to think again; - if the day is empty, it suggests 3 equidistant appointments (so she satisfies who prefer soon and who arrive later); - it does not create openings (indeed it proposes them up immediately after any cancellations) but - chosen the day - books the appointments backwards or forwards to the agenda; - it senses when a day becomes FULL and should not be proposed anymore (removes the tag if they cancel). All in all, to recap, it's automatic, it always works, it answers to frequently asked questions, it responds to multiple customers at the same time, it chooses more precise answers than a secretary, it schedules appointments in the Google calendar, it books appointments with malice as an experienced secretary, appointments schedule management without openings, it orders and avoids gatherings in coronavirus time. TARGET The target is a doctor who works privately, perhaps in multiple studies. Even an office with more doctors. For work we already book thousands appointments and we know the effort of having to respond to many patients almost simultaneously (e.g. we allocate 4 secretaries for 1 doctor, think what happens if she would be 1 with 2 or 3 calls at the same time, it's usual). The figure of the secretary has existed for centuries but she is often on her own and making it is very difficult. How many calls does she miss every day? BUSINESS MODEL On subscriptions. 0€ for 5 appointments per month, 4.9€ until 10, 9.90€ until 20, 19€ until 30, etc.

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