The ultimate trivia experience

Friday, February 19, 2016

BQUIZZY is a free app for smartphone and tablet: the ultimate trivia experience. For the first time, you will be able to play multiplayer matches against friends or players you will meet online. If you think this is something you already tried out, you are wrong: get ready for the ultimate experience of multiplayer trivia game. The Game With BQUIZZY, you can challenge people on topics you like, creating game tables with 2, 4 or 6 opponents. According to your ranking, you can earn coins and level up at the end of each match. Getting to the next level is not as easy as you think. Each error can be fatal: a wrong answer will exclude you immediately from the game table. This doesn’t mean you will lose: it depends on your opponents’ answers and how fast they are in responding! The faster you are in giving the right answer, the more chances you have to win the match. BQUIZZY has infinite questions: you will never get the same the one. The higher your game level, the harder the questions you will receive. Get smart, and test the app! Are you ready to challenge your knowledge? Gear up and start playing with the best minds worldwide. The Community Meet new friends playing with BQUIZZY. Chat with them as you confront them in single or multiplayer matches. Who is the best? Are you getting better? Find out with the game charts and keep track of your game history. Highlights Join 2, 4 or 6 players per table and play in real time Infinite questions The higher the level, the harder the questions Get social and chat with friends Share your achievements Track your performance with statistics and history To develop this app, we consumed 14 crayons, 53 note books, 233 Trappist beers, and countless other rare products you will discover in the app. On the way, we also lost a few kilos, grew some white hair and needed to see a couple of times more the entire Star Trek series. But hey, if this is what it gets to create the alternative trivia experience and get you pushing the boundaries of your knowledge, we would go through it all over again.

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