We use Artificial Intelligence to democratize analytics

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

With the aim to democratize analytics, we at developed AIDA. Lovingly called the 'rockstar analyst,' AIDA uses AI to personalise customer touch. She is super-intelligent, she is in-built with capabilities that allow her to orchestrate all your customer initiatives. Easily integrable with your systems, AIDA is simple-to-use and requires less than one day for integration. Those who knew the benefits of analytics also knew that it was freakin' difficult to manage. It was time-consuming, costly, and dependent on "who" implements. At Boxx, we tried to provide productized solutions to your critical problems using AI. The advantage: 1. No more waiting for integration or for results 2. Pay per use model making it suitable for everyone 3. No dependencies on people or software.

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