Simplest framework to create business chatbots


Sunday, July 30, 2017

AI Chatbots are transforming customer service and digital experience by introducing conversations online. It can engage users in a conversational way delivering super relevant content. Automate customer service, FAQs and AMAs. Let your users interact. Pitch ideas or products in between conversation to boost conversion. Deploying chatbots can be challenging and complex. That is why only brands are leveraging it now. Bottr is the simplest framework that allows people to create and use chatbots (without any coding). It allows easy integration to website or blogs or social media accounts. Bottr bots uses AI to learn from responses. So each bot can be trained to talk in a unique way. Build your bot and give it your tone for branding. Capitalize on digital experience through chatbots to gain competitive advantage. Adopt early and reap benefits.


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