A new way of travelling in Indonesia


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Launched in July 2015, Bedforest is a Bali based Online Booking System that donates part of its commission back to charities chosen by its members. Bedforest concept is simple: Connecting curious international travellers to friendly Indonesian hosts. Bedforest website has therefore a long listing of unique properties on a large number of Indonesian islands. Thus, travellers can discover amazing hidden places and spend time relaxing, hiking, surfing and sleeping in the middle of incredibly beautiful landscapes whilst meeting local population that love to share about their culture. Bedforest philosophy is clear: Improving the locals‘wellbeing, protecting endangered species, being part of a more conscious and ecological world. Thus, Bedforest donates a percentage of its commission to a local Indonesia Charity on every transaction made. Bedforest dynamic team is always developing new ideas to engage people in a more eco-conscious tourism. Bedforest ambition is great: Developing an always growing Indonesian network of accommodations that answer all kind of needs. From a luxury villa in Mentawai to a small budget hotel room in Sumba, Bedforest is every traveller help to find the right place to stay at any price point. To make this easier, Bedforest registration on the website is free for everyone, even property owners and managers.


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