One Log-in, Three Profiles


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Let your inner rock star shine on Amino! Quickly and effortlessly move between social networking communities giving your opinions, tips & wisdom showing everyone just how awesome you are! Even better, you can have three profiles, or as we call them palettes, with one log-in. This means you can showcase the different sides of your personality because people are not one-dimensional. Create a profile for your close friends & family, another one for work and a third one could be for your besties at school. You decide! Create or join social networking communities where you and others share your hobbies, interests & passions. You can use a different nickname and profile photo for each community. Each profile is managed separately but under one log-in. One person, three profiles and no one will know. To switch profiles ... itโ€™s simple ... just swipe.


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