Max Shooter Survival: Last Day Battleground

Get ready for an action in this Max Shooter Survival: Last Day Battleground

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Get ready for an action in this Max Shooter Survival: Last Day Battleground where you can enjoy Open World environment and feel the excitement of shooter simulation. In this action game you will eliminate your enemies with the help of classic weapons. You can show your fighting skills while climbing on the rope and entering the army base camp like a Hero. You can enter the army base as hero with the help of Rope in Zip line and eliminate the dangerous enemies. Enjoy 3rd person survival battle and roam freely in this Max Shooter survival: Last Day Battleground simulator. Dangerous Soldiers here to defeat you, so beware from army squad. Enemy soldiers are wandering in the base camp with their enemies in the base camp. You will get modern weapons for terrorist enemies from this last day battleground. Control the whole army base with the help of your amazing survival techniques. Gameplay: Max Shooter Survival: Last Day Battleground is thrilling game with interesting gameplay where you play as Max Shooter Hero and beat all enemies with the help of classic weapons in this last battleground.Enter in the base camp with the help of helicopter and destroy in your way. Roaming in the base camp and search your enemies with the help of searching techniques in this action game. Enjoy last day battle field and survive in the army base camp. You need to improve your fighting skills to survive in this thrilling simulator. Use your mind game and eliminate the enemies with your classic weapons like shotgun. Become a best agent in this last battle field.

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