Newest Trending Startups

COVID-19 Flight Tool

Track the safety measures and rules at airlines & airports.

Book & Meet

Free online calendar to schedule meetings & appointments

Mindwave Daily

A clean, beautiful journal app for your work & life

Creators Supply Newsletter

A weekly curated newsletter of everything useful in design

Our Lives In Weeks

Create, share, and order a grid of your life in weeks.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Encrypted, secure, private web connection for safe browsing

Feedback Fish

Collect feedback & make your customers happy.

QR Code Payments

Cashless transactions for your business

Wager Town

A friendly wagering community for fans

Teleport Meetings Space

Curated virtual BGs that will let you teleport in meetings

Copy Paste List

Quick, unformatted, copy and paste-able lists of everything.

DailyWall 2.0 (Mac + iOS)

Start New Day with a New Wallpaper (Mac + iOS)


Build your audience and grow your influence on WhatsApp

I Ally

Holistic Support App for Family Caregivers

Cards of Personality

Feel the social experience of playing Cards Against Humanity

Perf Track

Analyze performance of sites that use JavaScript frameworks

SZ Project Tracker

Make dev/learning/anything logging as effortless as Twitter

Bird Alone

Become best friends with the loneliest bird in the world

The Startup Playbook 2nd Edition

Founder-to-founder advice on how to create & build a startup

COVID Map by Abartys Health

Keep track of COVID19 in your community via laboratory data

Carbonly 🌿

An Online Carbon Footprint Tracker πŸŒΏπŸ’¨

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