Newest Trending Startups

Sequence Bio

Unlocked Newfoundland’s genetics for drug discovery

Your life weekly calendar

Simple way to motivate yourself

Get waves

A simple web app to generate svg waves, unique every time

Smart landing pages for any podcast

Pocket Lists for Families

First to-do list app optimized for families (not teams) đź’–

Sleeper 2.0

Create a free fantasy football league in just 60 seconds.

Remote Company Culture Book

Guide to remote culture best practices for Slack generation

Unubo 2.0

Cloud deployments made easy

Shopify Chat

Chat live with store visitors. Turn visitors into customers.

iOS Jetpack 2

iOS screenshot templates for App Store

Vectornator X

Vector graphic design on mobile

Omni Remover 3

Nicely Crafted App Cleaner and Uninstaller for macOS

Keepsake Frames

The app that makes it easy to frame the photos on your phone

SaaS Startup Kit

Golang Startup Kit for SaaS

Digital Marketing Superstars

Supersize your knowledge - one short hack at a time (free)

Icondrop for Adobe XD 2.0

Insert icons, illustrations, and stock photos in your design

Drag and drop page building for any site

NPS by SurveySparrow

Turn your customers into promoters with NPS

GuideGuide for Adobe XD

Easy grids and guides in your favorite design tools

Is This Big Enough?

Request & receive the right size images from clients

zeroheight for Adobe XD

Collaborative design system documentation synced with XD

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