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Plum Contacts

Keep your relationships fresh

Twitter ArguMeter

Check how much a Twitter user likes to argue


Secure REST API Rapid Development Platform

Xifrem Chat

Client-side Encrypted Chat With Asymmetric Encryption

Audio Test Kitchen

Compare the audio of over 300 microphones.

Credit Academy

Mastercard allows kids to pay for purchases with chore money

WRD Camera

Search physical printed documents using your iPhone camera

The Agile You: Weekly Planner

Organize your weeks, get more done & accomplish your goals.

Snowe Home

The home collection of your dreams, priced for your reality for Mac

Invoices made easy

Murkstom Sheet

Build a native mobile app using Google Sheet

Nomad Radar 1.0

Spot digital nomads nearby, connect & find business partners

Noted SMS

Simple SMS-powered notes

Table Stakes Study by Carta

Learn what’s behind the gender equity gap.

No more boring Apple Watch bands.

Experiential Insight

Connect with Global Leaders to Reach Your Full Potential

Stickered - Powered by SnapKit

Share any website as a Snapchat sticker

Hash Name Service

Like DNS, but for Hedera Hashgraph

Vectary 3D plugin for Figma

Create photorealistic 3D visuals in Figma

Airalo eSIM Store

Access over 100+ eSIMs with travel data packs at local rates

Unreadit 2

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