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Newest Startups

Boring Mattress

Escape mattress hell


Find your next side project in seconds

Open Agent Studio

Build no-code agents to target markets untouched by AI


Does your start-up idea meet winning criteria?


Online whiteboard for collaboration


A new way to explore and discover plants


Airtable alternative - one tool to replace them all

Magic Shortcut

Supercharge your workflow with programmable shortcuts

Nothing Ear and Ear a

The latest earphones from Nothing


Easy coach & enthusiasts sports software

Ugly Duckling

AI Product Design by Pietra

Use AI to design products & packaging and get it made

AI Flash.Cards

Create personalized flashcards from any text or pdf file


Find calendly links and fast track your sales process


The private, personalized, & protected AI coding assistant.

Meta AI

The most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use

Meta Llama 3

The most capable openly available LLM to date

Credibl ESG

Creating value from your ESG Strategy, Data, and Reporting


Create viral, faceless videos for your TikTok account

TikTok Notes

The new photo and text sharing app from TikTok

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