We give tech founders a chance to tell us one thing they learned when launching their startup. Today’s piece of advice comes from Steve Shwartz of Roundtown:

I’d say a large theme that my co-founder and I have been grappling with is letting go. In the beginning there were only two people so we got to do everything. That may sound daunting and difficult but we could ensure tasks were done the way we wanted at the speed we needed. Now that the task list has grown considerably and we’ve hired up to a team of 6 full time employees we’ve had to relinquish control of large parts of the project.

Which parts should you continue to do yourself? Maybe you should stick with the job functions you’re particularly good at or the ones which are mission critical. No matter how you cut it more and more of your preciously held responsibilities need to be given to new care takers. So, what have I learned through this process? Start shedding tasks when it’s cost effective to do so, like when you have a bunch of similar work in one field and your time is more valuable in another. Don’t make excuses to hold onto your pet projects because it’ll only bog you down in the end.