Never underestimate the power of the following components when starting up a tech company:

  • Top notch programming talent (you get what you pay for – ALWAYS)
  • The importance of streamlined project management to avoid scope creep
  • How critical the marketing side of your start-up is. You can create the most amazing service/product in the history of ever, but it’s the whole “if a tree falls in the woods” analogy. If nobody knows about it, you might as well just saved yourself the time and trouble of creating it
  • Capital is another critical factor – it solves a LOT of problems like bandwidth issues … but being over funded usually comes at a price too. You can lose your drive and hunger, and more deflating than that is that you can lose control of your own project. No bueno
  • The sheer amount of hours, blood, sweat, tears and stick-to-it-tiveness, needed to invest