It’s not necessarily that I didn’t know, rather, I didn’t realize how much time and effort goes into getting a startup going. Heck, not even going, just something other than an idea in your head or something you talk about.

There are days that, when I say what I did, it sounds so simple that someone would either think I’m dense, or that I take a lot of naps. The former might be true but I certainly don’t take naps. A long night sleep is 6 hours. When there aren’t a lot of people to help do things, you have to do every little thing yourself and it can make even the most simple task very time consuming.

For someone like myself, that likes to move quickly, it was something I really had to learn to deal with. I had to become better with time management but on the flip side I also had to learn to give myself a longer timeline for things and not get as frustrated when I hadn’t made a startup, got funding and turned over a profit by weeks end.