We launched Countable on a Wednesday in May with a bunch of PR lined up, including Wired and Politico. We were pretty jazzed when the press hit and started to see users actually voting on legislation and getting involved in the process. Friday came along, and then weekend, and traffic began to, appropriately, die down. We were looking forward to the weekend to recuperate – pleased that our AWS instances and overall load handling strategy worked well.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, 7 AM PST – out of the blue – the Today Show’s Mario Armstrong listed Countable as one of his top three finds of the week – live on TV to half the country.

We had no idea. Mario saw the article online and didn’t contact us in advance of the airing. The team, being on the West Coast, was largely asleep at the time of the airing and then all hell broke loose – traffic spikes, slow response times, yada yada yada. Great problem to have. But still, we weren’t ready.

The lesson – be ready.