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Lottie Animations are live on Iconscout

Thousands of animations are waiting for you in store

Sections by Substack

Create multiple newsletters & podcasts in one publication

Startup Deck

290+ curated tools & resources for startups & entrepreneurs

Come browse with me

Invite others to browse with you

FareUpThere V2

Stop blind booking, search flight amenities pre-purchase

Axure RP 10

Functional, realistic UX prototypes with 1,000+ interactions

GDPR Unpack

GDPR made simple for small businesses

Bootstrap 5 Stable

Stable release of worlds most popular framework - vanilla JS

1inch Wallet

A user‑friendly wallet as entry point to the DeFi space

The Major Vest by Play Out Apparel

Shop your style, not your gender

NetHunt Web Forms

Beautiful & completely free web forms

Cold Email Composer by

Craft the perfect cold email to acquire more customers

Sunday AI

The speech recognition AI to assist your daily work

Sell your project

Free listings of projects and startups for sale

Swag Fair

Sustainable swag made by small businesses

Air Lift

Simple, fast uploads from your desktop to Air

Under the Radar

Non-obvious trend signals for marketers and investors

Salesfit 2.0

No-code toolkit for data-driven marketing

3D Flame style illustrations by Icons8

Eye-catching 3D illustrations for kick-ass designs


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