productivity startups

Amazing Marvin

Task manager for procrastinators


A new style of note-taking for teams


Personal Task Manager with Trello and Google Calendar helps to schedule meetings quickly and easily via the integration with calendars online.


An analog, acoustic and adjustable hearing solution

Audio summaries of the best books for entrepreneurs


The fastest way to sync your team with ongoing projects

The Record

Record, transcribe and summarize your meetings automatically

Atlas Informatics

Searchable photographic memory for your digital life


Create to-do lists. Plan your day. Track your time.


Find any email address on the web


Keep documents and reference text in a mindmap


AI assistant to schedule all your customer, partner and team meetings in seconds


iOS app that gives you a simple way to remember names of different people you just met.

the record

Record, transcribe and summarize your meetings

Gabriela Petrova

Create Powerful Slides, Instantly.

Clever Hub

Email Marketing Software - but sexier!

Task Pigeon

Track, Manage & Collaborate On Everyday Tasks

Startup Daybook

Plan Your Startup Activities, All in One Place!

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