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Get screenshots from your customers and understand problems immediately


Hyphen is a professional instant messenger built for modern teams and individuals

Applozic Chat & In-App Messaging SDK

Add WhatsApp like Chat within your Mobile Apps and Website in 5 mins


Gather actionable feedback from your customers


Shipchat shipping messaging app

Gif Out Loud

The Beginning of Loud Messaging


A complete messaging app, with a new level of live interaction.


Delayed and location based mobile messaging app

Boxy 2

Boxy is the best Mac client for Inbox by Gmail.


Chat app support through your current help desk


CRM for Facebook Messenger. Chatting, broadcasting and bots are all in one place!

Voice Ping: Wearable Walkie Talkie

Wearable gadget transforms smartphone into a nationwide walkie talkie


Get your personal chat bot in one click

Where Bot

Quickly discover new places to eat.


Your closest friends and family at your fingertips. Automatic, phone-centric status.


Jarvis reminds you to do things


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The messaging app that allows you to say exactly what you want


Hi,We would like to ask you to review "WhatsApp Message Composer" for Android on your site. When users feel short of inspiration for everyday messages, it provides fresh ideas to get them started.Where do the message ideas come from? A writing competition! Amateurs and professional copywriters from different countries have submitted a few thousand texts which have been translated to English, French and Spanish.Those texts can be matched with pictures and emoji to say "I think of you", I love you, How are you, Let's have a drink, I'm late, Stop the world!, I miss you…The app is available here: has just been released to Google Play so we don't know how it's going to do. Feedback and suggestions welcome!A couple of months ago, the approach has been tested in an app for the French market with a subset of the messages (romantic messages, of course): has been downloaded 100 000 times, has a 4.4 rating, made it to top free new lifestyle app in half a dozen countries, and has been used to send around 200 000 messages so far.If you want to know which texts are the most popular so far, please send us an email at [email protected]: we will give you a secret shortcut that display the current ranking for each message category.Please let me know if I can answer questions about "WhatsApp Message Composer" or about the next apps we will be releasing.Kind regards,Olivier


Messaging and Chat API for Mobile Apps and Websites

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