food startups


Free reservation management for restaurants, built by restaurateurs

Fusia Foods

Great food made simply

Hey Ingrid

Your Fully Stocked Postpartum Pantry

Fous De Trucks

Find food trucks in your area


The best pickup line, is no line at all. Order your usual, save time.

Hey Ingrid Pty Ltd

Your Fully Stocked Postpartum Pantry

A recommendation engine to pick the perfect tea for you


Chefter is an on-demand app that connects people who want to cook better with professional chefs


Introducing the future of food preservation


Taste the Buzz! Social media devoted to food.


The chatbot that knows about food & cooking

Where Bot

Quickly discover new places to eat.


The neural network that offers only the yummiest dishes


Eat the freshest food imaginable.

Maize - Find Food Beyond Restaurants

Maize is your guide to a universe of food outside the restaurant system.


Fresh Herbs and Leafy Greens Delivered Weekly

Food Tribe

Reddit meets Yelp to feed the hungry.

Easy to Use Food Blogging Platform

Food Taxi

Connecting hungry customers with local deliveries. Any food. Any where. Any time.


Food at night. 8pm to 5am. Bhokaaaaa !!

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