Friday, April 21, 2017

AI assistant to schedule all your customer, partner and team meetings in seconds

WizCal's mission is to improve individual and organizational efficiency through AI Orchestration of Calendars. Current scheduling tools use the free/busy information to find time. These tools start to fail as the complexity of scheduling increases due to factors like busy calendars, participants external to your organization, multiple time zones, finding a meeting location etc. The result is that it takes away precious time and focus away from core work and leads to lost opportunities by not making a timely connect with your partners, customers or team. WizCal is an AI-powered meeting scheduling assistant that addresses these problems. WizCal’s experience is integrated into google, outlook calendar and has an app for iOS. It has smart features like: •Works seamlessly for both your internal and external meetings. • Automatically learns user meeting preferences and considers preferences of all participants to come up with the best time to meet. •Automatically finds a meeting room. •Finds time slots with minimum schedule disruptions for you and your meeting attendees. •Suggests the best time to meet across multiple time zones. Find time for what matters most!


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