Smart Sticker


Friday, February 12, 2016

A real-time display for all the important information

Smart Sticker is a real-time display that can be used as an accessory gadget for any smartphone. The dimensions of the device are 85 x 52 x 7.3 mm. The weight is 40 grams. Smart Sticker has e-ink display covered with resistant Gorilla glass. Its back side has vinyl magnetic plate that allows to mount the sticker to any metal surfaces. It displays notifications about new emails and social network messages, missed calls, time, weather conditions, reminders. Smart Stickers are customizable and additional widgets can be set and developed by users via API. Smart Sticker has been created for prompt informing of its owner in cases when smartphone usage is inconvenient or dangerous. For example, when your hands are dirty or when you are driving a car, cooking, working out etc. The device is always in front of your eyes and shows the most important information. It is convenient for people who want to be connected all the time and who feel uncomfortable when their smartphones are out of reach for a while. Those users are the main target audience for Smart Stickers. Smart Stickers’ core competitive advantage is its price. It costs only 30 USD. The low cost is possible owing to the simplicity of the device structure. Technical characteristics are 2,7″ E-Ink display, SoC Texas Instruments CC2541, Li-Po Battery 203040 3.7v 210 mA/h. Battery charge can last up to 30 days. In addition to the sticker you receive charging cable and 3 steel plates on double-sided adhesive tape for placing it on any non-metallic surfaces.


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