Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sharesmart is the Whatsapp and Dropbox for Health Care.

ShareSmart is the preferred secure clinical messaging and photo management smartphone app. It is the Whatsapp and Dropbox for Health Care. 89% of doctors use their smartphones to take clinical pictures of patients. 100% of interns do it. 1/4 have accidentally shown a clinical photo to the wrong person. Security, encryption, and consent process are lacking with traditional methods of communication such as Whatsapp and iMessage. ShareSmart is an all-in-one clinical communication solution that allows for smartphones to be used for clinical medicine to improve efficiency and quality of care. Most other products do only parts of what ShareSmart allows. It is the most intuitive and comprehensive solution on the market. Specific features that set it apart from others include patient consent capture, automatic filing with photo tags, and clinical photo access management (revoke/expunge/audit features)


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