Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wancy, discover gifts that impress

No gift ideas for the coming birthday? Need suggestions for a graduation’s present? iWancy will suggest you beautiful gifts that completely match with the person and occasion! iWancy is your personal gift assistant. It helps you find the perfect gift tailored to your friend’s taste. Select gender, age, occasion, budget, relation and interests, and iWancy MEGA BRAIN will find the perfect gift available to purchase on Amazon. We are featuring only the best and most interesting Amazon products. You can purchase all of them on Amazon website, with no additional fee. Here the main features: - Personalised gifts: iWancy suggests presents according to person’s characteristics, to the occasion and your budget. We find the best matches; you just choose the perfect one. - Time saving: No more racking your brains over what present to give this time! Save time and efforts with iWancy, let us work for you. - Selection of fancy products: Finally you can forget about analysing differences between 100 alarm clocks looking all the same. We’re making it simple choosing the best and the most fancy products for you. - Safe purchasing with no commission: Directly connected to Amazon. You buy fast and safe from your mobile for the same price as on Amazon’s website. - Service: Our team is ready to help you in case of any gift-related issue. - Free download: Available for free for iOS and Android users.


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